Framed (TV Movie 2002)

During a family vacation to the Bahamas, NYPD detective Mike Santini (Rob Lowe) gets the break of his career when he spots Eddie Meyers (Sam Neill), a high rolling playboy and the key witness in a money-laundering case. Meyers agrees to return to New York on the sole condition that Santini interrogate him. Soon Santini is seduced by the jet-set world of loose cash and beautiful women and subsequently becomes entangled in a psychological game that could turn him into a criminal. This TNT original psychological thriller was written and directed by Daniel Petrie Junior and stars Rob Lowe and Sam Neill. “Framed” premiered on Sunday, April 13, 2003.

Sam Neill Online - Framed

Sam Neill Online - Framed Sam Neill Online - Framed Sam Neill Online - Framed

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Sam Neill
A Conversation with Sam Neill (Eddie Meyers)

Q: What made you want to be Eddie Meyers in FRAMED?
A: Eddie Meyers is a wonderful character who is clearly a bad guy but has lots of layers and lots of ambivalence. He's an attractive bad guy.

Q: What's the relationship between Eddie Meyers and Mike Santini?
A: It's clearly a complex relationship. Both of them are in an elaborate and somewhat seductive game of chess. Eddie thinks he has this cop wrapped around his finger several times. That's true to an extent, but he slightly underestimates Mike, who is a little smarter than Eddie gives him credit for being.

Q: Describe your character.
A: Eddie is someone who invented himself. He probably had a rough childhood and has now invented himself as a man of the world. He is someone who believes that what you wear is who you are. That kind of materialism in Eddie is both repulsive and beguiling at the same time.

Q: What does shooting in the Bahamas bring to the movie?
A: It clearly gives you a sense of reality because more than half of the film is actually shot there. It's just so much better to be on location rather than simulating the location.

Q: How does Eddie manage his manipulation game under police surveillance?
A: I think everything Eddie does in the house is primarily for his own benefit, partly for Mike's benefit and obviously partly for what's being observed. It's a very smart game he's playing.

Sam Neill Online - Framed

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